• One component self etching light cured adhesive

    G-BOND is an easy-to-use self-etching light-cured adhesive.
    It utilises both chemical adhesion and micro-mechanical retention principles to form a unique and stable nano interaction zone (NIZ) with the dentin.
    At the same time, it also offers a reliable adhesion to enamel.
    Several clinical studies (including one with 9-year follow-up) have proven its extremely good performance in time.


    One bottle
    One application
    2 year shelf life with NO refrigeration

    Unique Interface:

    Nano Interaction Zone formed by G-BOND (TEM image)
    The arrow indicates the interface which is unique to G-BOND. Hydroxyapatite is left around the collagen fibres to provide the basis for chemical bonding without collagen degradation.

    Excellent Stable Bond Strength:

    Bond strength testing is conducted via many different methods which will result in a wide variation of bond strength results. Of great importance is the ability to maintain good bond strengths through stability at the tooth interface.



    • 7th generation, one bottle, one coat only adhesive
    • Mild etching of enamel and dentine
    • Tubules to stay closed providing a very low risk of post-operative sensitivity
    • Simultaneous demineralization and monomer infiltration results in a better seal resulting in less nano leakage
    • One component system with a simplified application technique saves time - a 30 second procedure 
    • Extremely stable formulation, oral durability guaranteed.


    G-BOND 1-bottle Pack 5mL

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