Eyecia II

  • More comfort. Better care.
    Eyecia II is the quietest, most comfortable chair we’ve ever designed.
    So even the most fearful patient can sit back and relax and doctors can provide superior care.

    Designed with patients and doctors in mind.
    EYECIA II ergonomically designed to maximize patient comfort and relaxation. For doctors, we’ve simplied the controls, making key functions easier to find and use.

    Smooth Start & Stop Technology
    The chair start and stops so smoothly and slowly, patient hardly feel the chair moving at all.

    Silent movement System
    No jolts or mechanical sounds. The chair’s motor is whisper-quiet, so patients don’t hear a things.

    Intuitive control panel simpliefies operation
     A smarter layout of controls enables doctors to concentrate more on the procedure and on conversations with patients.

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