• Biodentine™


  • Septodont


    • In the crown: temporary enamel restoration, permanent dentin restoration, deep or large carious lesions, deep cervical or radicular lesions, pulp capping, pulpotomy.
    • In the root: root and furcation perforations, internal/external resorptions, apexification, retrograde surgical filling.

    Features & benefits

    • Clinical data now available
    • Sets in 10 - 12 minutes
    • Versatile usage: endodontic repair and restorative procedures.
    • Natural micro mechanical anchorage for excellent sealing properties without surface preparation.
    • Similar mechanical properties and mechanical behavior as human dentin.
    • 3.5mm Aluminum radiopacity for easy short and long term follow-up.


    5 x capsules + 5 x single-dose containers

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